Choosing the Best Brush for Pitbull (Most Useful Grooming Tips)

Choosing the Best Brush for Pitbull (Most Useful Grooming Tips)

If you ask me, Pitbulls are not as much a breed as they’re a group. Because they are a combination or fusion of various types of Terriers and Bulldogs. That fall in the category of “bully” dog breeds. The individual characteristics of these dogs are so diluted now that you recognize them all as Pitbulls. In that case, what is the best brush for Pitbull?

More often than not, there are short hair Pitbulls. Meaning the dogs have a short and slick single-layered coat. But that doesn’t mean proper and regular grooming is not a part of the picture.

Just like for every other breed, there are different types of brushes for Pitbulls too. All kinds of various designs that contribute to a shiny, healthy coat. So keep reading if you want to know which ones get the job done flawlessly.

Choosing the Best Brush for Pitbull


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You think only dog breeds with long hair demand the use of a right brush? If that were the case, then why would so many pet experts make a list of the best brushes for Pitbulls! Like this one here. Short coats also demand attention, no doubt. Maybe not as much attention as their longer furry companions. But regular grooming, nevertheless, is necessary.

Pitbull coat, since it’s short, doesn’t get tangled a lot. But brushing your dog is very important nonetheless. If you want their fur as well as skin to be in a good, healthy condition. Because what brushing does is get rid of not just loose fur. But also eliminates dirt and dandruff. Plus, it feels like a massage. So your canine friend is certainly going to love you for it.

Think of every such grooming session like a bonding experience with your dog. And since your pet is feeling relaxed while being brushed. He or she is more likely to look forward to these sessions.

In short, regular grooming doesn’t just promote coat and skin health. But it also improves your relationship with your little pooch.

What Are the Most Common Types of Brushes for Pitbulls?

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Let me assure you that grooming a Pitbull is not such a time-consuming or tedious task. The grooming sessions, no doubt, aren’t intense. But they’re necessary for maintaining healthy coat and skin.

Keep in mind that Pitbulls are susceptible to developing skin allergies. In that case, choose a brush that eliminates all the loose fur and dirt gently. While also distributing the skin’s natural oils evenly. These natural oils nourish the skin and coat. For increasing the former’s smoothness and the latter’s shine.

1. Rubber Curry Brush

This type of dog brush is perfect for the Pitbull breed. But why is that? It’s because these kinds of brushes are specifically created for dogs with short hair that shed.

What a rubber curry brush does is attract loose fur from your dog’s coat. Much like how magnets work. While also massaging your pet’s skin and spreading its natural oils.

More often than not, a rubber curry brush is made entirely of rubber. So you can use it when you’re bathing your canine as well. This allows the shampoo and conditioner for cleansing and hydrating his or her coat and skin deeply.

2. Bristle Brush

A bristle dog brush is ideal for daily application. Or when you’re rounding up your grooming sessions. It evens out the whole coat. And bristle brushes also do an excellent job of distributing natural skin oils. To keep your pet’s skin and coat moisturized and nourished.

Since Pitbulls have short hair, go for a bristle brush built with smaller or shooter bristles. That are positioned close together.

3. Slicker Brush

Needless to say, slicker brushes are very commonly used for removing loose dog hair. They also eliminate dirt sticking to the body. Thus, reducing shedding and promoting shine.

Generally, a slicker brush has a curved end. So it can contour perfectly well to the body. To make brushing a comfortable experience.

But please use these types of brushes with extra care. Make sure you’re brushing your short-haired Pitbull gently. Otherwise, those wire bristles might cause damage to the skin.

4. Shedding Brush

Did you know that the Pitbull breed sheds hair throughout the year? Surprising, isn’t it? In that case, a shedding brush at your disposal is a very good idea.

Shedding brushes lift loose fur, debris, and dirt. Therefore, restoring your Pitbull’s healthy coat. These come in all types of designs, sizes, and shapes. So choose one that works well with dogs that have short hair.

4. Combination Brush

A fusion of 2 different brushes, a combination brush is a more suitable choice as a multipurpose grooming tool. The two different brushes include a bristle brush on one side. And a pin brush on the opposite side. That means you get the best of both worlds. Bristles for removing loose fur. And pin brush for evenly distributing the natural oils of the skin.

5 Most Useful Tips for Brushing A Pitbull

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#1 Pick the Right Type of Brush

By right, I mean a brush that works well with short hair. Because Pitbulls are a short-haired breed.

#2 Brush Very Gently

The proper way to brush is down and out. Brush away from your dog’s skin.

Make sure to not exert a lot of pressure. Because if you do, you’ll just end up damaging your pet’s delicate skin and coat.

#3 Use Positive Reinforcements During Brushing

It’s important for you to be patient with your Pitbull. If you’re just starting off, then keep in mind that these regular grooming sessions are new for your four-legged creature. So you can get him or her used to them by incorporating positive reinforcements. This includes treats, verbal praises, petting, a bonus walk post-grooming, etc.

#4 Wipe the Coat Using A Soft Cloth

Wipe down the fur of your Pitbull with a clean, soft cloth post-brushing. What this does is boost shine.

#5 Look Out for Skin Allergies or Infection

Pitbulls are prone to developing skin conditions like redness, dryness, sores, etc. So keep an eye out for such common issues. And before you decide to do anything about them. Talk to your vet. Let a medical professional tell you what’s best at such times.

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Pitbulls, no doubt, are the most nurturing and sweetest companions possible. But they’re only going to shower you with all this love if you’re a good, responsible, loving, and caring pet parent. And regular grooming is a very effective method of getting close to your pet. Plus, it has other crucial benefits too. Such as eliminating loose hair, dandruff, and dirt.

Brushing also creates a massaging effect. Therefore, improving the health and condition of your Pitbull’s coat and skin.

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