DIY Ideas to Make a Themed Cat House

DIY Ideas to Make a Themed Cat House

Themed cat houses have become a real thing now. With the recent DIY boom, people have started to put their efforts in making everything on their own saving their pockets. Making a themed house for cats or customising one has not been excluded from the list too. It takes a lot of effort and brainstorming to create a beautiful place for you to live in. But it’s the opposite for creating a house for them.

If you are planning to get a cat house for giving your little friend a private space to live in, you may consider doing it yourself. DIY options are not only pocket friendly but also gives you the control to coordinate it well with your house décor. Having a pet house that does not fit with the interior of the house is just sad. Therefore, if you cannot make a choice from the ones available in the market or online, give DIY plans a shot because it’s worth it.

For a range of varieties, you may checkout and get some brilliant ideas for buying a cat house. Following are a few DIY ideas or plans to build up a themed house for them.

  • Redesign an old dog house: If you happen to have an old or broken dog house lying in your storage room, you can make the most of it by turning it into a place for your little mate. Redesigning is more feasible and convenient than remaking. Therefore, you should only focus on the touch-ups and decorate it according to your house’s décor.

Fix the broken joints and pieces and double tap everything that can possibly hurt them. After the framework is finished, start decorating it by simple natural ways. You can use a simple and lightweight cloth to stick to the dog house both in and out. This will make it look customized and organic.

  • Make a hanging cat house: Cats love to spend leisure times anywhere they find cozy. They are playful too. How about you make them a cozy hanging house? This is quite easy and a creative method to use.

Start by selecting a sturdy cloth material. You can choose a color that will be perfect to have in a corner hanging as a part of the décor. The material should be tough enough to hold your cat’s weight from a height. Attach the two ends of the cloth to two hoops securely. Run repeated tests in order to make sure its holding capacity. Next, put a soft pillow. Remember to not make the height really high as your cat should have an easy access to it.

  • Use your tent: In case you have a small tent in your house, you may use it in order to make a cat house. This is the simplest method of all. Just use your tent and install it in a corner of your house. Make the interior of the tent as cozy as possible and Voila! Your cat will love it here.

Hopefully, you can make a wonderful DIY house for your cat using these super easy and creative ideas. Keep loving your cat and give them all what they need as they deserve every bit of your love and care.

Dale Garcia