Cat Furniture: Wonders that Keep your Cat AND Furniture Happy

Cat Furniture: Wonders that Keep your Cat AND Furniture Happy

Cats are lovely, adventurous, and territorial animals that can sometimes ruin your belongings. Is your feline enjoying the destruction of your curtains? Does your furniture narrate the story of your cat’s scratching habits? If yes, you need a savior- you need a Cat Furniture! Let’s see some of the most famous pieces of furniture that our feline friends love.

Scratching Post

Every cat-owner knows about scratched-up furniture. Sadly, scratching is not mischief for a cat- it’s a basic need, a cat-nail care. The solution is a scratching post- preferably made of chemical-free materials like wood. Make sure that your chosen post is tall and sturdy enough for your cat to stretch without unbalancing the structure. Just place it near your cat’s favorite place and see your cat enjoy it.

Cat Tree

This structure provides multiple purposes for your cat. It is a lounging area, vertical playground, and a scratch area- all combined. A good cat tree provides an easy climbing path, letting your cat stretch and climb to the top of the tree. Ensure that the tree consists of non-chemical substances like wood. For additional comfort, place a soft cushion and a toy in the resting spots.

Cat Wall Shelves

It is a suitable space-saving option for those who like in small apartments. You can combine a lot of structures- shelves and boxes (with cushions for comfort) for laying spots, scratch posts, etc. Don’t forget to add good-quality nets in and below the combination. You don’t want your cat to fall and get hurt, do you?

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Cat Beds

Beds are necessary furniture- both for us and our fur-babies. Cats sleep almost double than us. So, they require their own soft and comfy accommodations unless you favor your bed to be full of cat fur. A plush cat bed provides what a cat loves- warmth, comfort, and security.

Cat Tunnel

A cat tunnel is a perfect hide-and-seek playground that any cat loves- they are biologically preying animals after-all. Various types of tunnels are available- single tube or multiple branches. While buying this furniture, check that the tube is robust, and the tunnels are broad. Tunnels with natural washable materials are more advantageous.

Cat Transport Box

Yes, a cat carrier or a transport box is a piece of furniture. This Cat Furniture is a savior when you need to take your cat to a park, or a vet. It is best if your cat gets used to it at an early age. Just place a cuddly blanket and a cherished toy inside and let your cat associate it with good feelings rather than bad ones.

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