Tips about Freshwater Crayfish Care

Tips about Freshwater Crayfish Care

Freshwater crayfish are beautiful and interesting creatures to aid in a aquarium. You will find over 100 several types of crayfish which differ colored, from yellow to eco-friendly and brown to red. Many of them meet three years, though some might live longer. Nevertheless there’s more to keeping crayfish than just tossing them within the tank. Once they reside in dirt during nature, ensuring the creature is both happy and healthy whatsoever occasions is essential.

You have to focus on numerous factors including, water chemistry and quality, whom they’re discussing the tank with and diet. You need to realize that several types of the fish have slightly different needs, temperaments and behavior. This is often a comprehensive guide on freshwater crayfish care:

Water parameters

This is among the most significant factors connected with freshwater crayfish care. When the water conditions within the aquarium aren’t right, your fish can become uncomfortable or even die. So prior to starting keeping crayfish find out about cycling your aquarium. Right here are a handful of other great details to consider:

– Ensure that you retain water in the Ph. level between 7 and eight.

– Crayfish can perform fine at 70 levels water, do not enable the water create problems, above (80 F/26 C).

– Crayfish thrive well in calcium in water. The minimum water hardness must be between (8-12 dGH and KH (140-210).

– Crayfish which are deficient in iodine usually experience problems when molting. The simplest way to ensure they have enough iodine should be to purchase marine iodine. Just one bottle may last many a few days.

– As with every other aquarium, varying your filters monthly and 25 % water in the water every a couple of days is essential with freshwater crayfish care.

So what can crayfish eat?

Crayfish are omnivores, meaning they victimize plants and creatures mainly fish. Usually pet crayfish receive sinking pellets. In addition fot it, vegetables like zucchini, eco-friendly eco-friendly green spinach, frozen peas and collard vegetables can also be perfect for crayfish. You can supplement their nutritional plan with feeder fish every every so often. Crayfish love fish. So expect in situation your fish appear missing eventually.

Also understand that the fish require lots of calcium to enable them to boost their exoskeleton. This essentially ensures that in your aquarium, you will need to ensure that they’re receiving enough calcium in their diet. Vegetables like eco-friendly eco-friendly green spinach and collard vegetables are fantastic causes of calcium. It’s also acceptable to provide them vitamins of brine shrimp or frozen krill a couple of occasions every week.

How frequently would they eat?

Freshwater crayfish just get daily. But fertilizer may be left within the aquarium indefinitely. In situation your crayfish eats a fish, departing products from the fish, ensure that you eliminate the pieces rapidly.

May I keep crayfish within the tank with live plants?

Crayfish victimize everything you encounter. Though it may be not necessarily true for people crayfish, it’s safe to visualise that they’re going to eat or destroy your plants. Because of this it certainly pays to possess artificial plants for your tank.


Most creatures including crustaceans like freshwater crayfish undergo a procedure referred to as molting. This is often shedding in the exoskeleton so that you can accommodate the fish’s growth. In case you understand that the fish is hiding more or eating under usual, it might be an indication he his molting. Once they molt don’t eliminate the covering inside the aquarium, he’ll consume it to facilitate progression of the brand-new exoskeleton.

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