Pet Care during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pet Care during COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has not only slowed down the world economy, but has also substantially changed our lifestyles. With everyone confined to their homes and practicing social distancing, one cannot help but think the various sources of contracting this dreadful virus and the means to avoid those. The recent news of the death of a Hong Kong dog because of COVID-19 and a cat contracting it in America have created another round of panic in us. Read on to know the answers to commonly asked questions in this scenario.

How to protect myself and my pet dog from contracting COVID-19?

Social Distancing is the key to avoid getting infected by this virus. While most of the countries have ordered major lockdown to avoid and control the pandemic, your area may be open for certain essential things. However, do not take it as a sign of ‘no or less risk’ and always prefer to distance yourself from other people. Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter and keep a mask on.

While taking your dog for its walk, make sure that you do not meet and socialize with other dog owners and their dogs. Upon returning, clean your dog’s paws with a washcloth and then allow them to enter the home. Wash your hands and forearms for full 2 minutes, not neglecting thumbs and fingertips.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle by including healthy food and lots of exercise in your daily routine. These essential things together work towards a stronger immune system of your body and may help you in protect yourself against the virus.

Is there a COVID-19 vaccine for dogs?

At present, there is absolutely no vaccine available for COVID-19 for any animal or humans. Different varieties of coronavirus are found in various animals and there are several vaccinations for those. Those vaccines do not protect against the COVID-19 form.

If I am COVID-19 positive, how to take care of my pet?

Doctors froma round the globe suggest that a COVID-19 positive person must quarantine himself, separating from family members and pets. Do not pet your dogs, allow them to kiss you, or give them food yourself. You must also keep on a mask and make arrangements for someone to 24 hour emergency pet care seattle wa. If that is not possible, maintain a distance from your pets and give them food only after thoroughly washing hands with soap.

Should my pet wear a mask?

The face masks are fit for humans but not for dogs or cats. They may cause irritation in animals and possible breathing difficulties too. Do not put one on their muzzles.

What to do if my pet is not feeling well?

If you notice sudden changes in the behaviour of your dog, such as decreased appetite, lethargy, loose stools etc., you will need to see a vet to point at a possible cause. Unfortunately, with almost all vet clinics shut amidst the lockdown, you can consult and send in your queries for a veterinary doctor. You can consult with expert vets and clear your mind of those nightmarish doubts right away.

Dale Garcia