Essential Usages for the Perfect Dog Leash

Essential Usages for the Perfect Dog Leash

The retractable leash of the Flexi brand, market leader is world renowned. The particularity of the retractable Flexi retractable leash makes it possible to satisfy autonomy (feeling of freedom of the dog) and control (control of the master) in all situations regardless of the place.

Leave Flexi, freedom for the dog and its owner

The flexi retractable dog leash control and guidance system is innovative. It allows the leash to exit and re-enter its housing in a fluid way. The owner can act on and control the dog at any time. The Braking command, activated by light pressure on the thumb, holds, stops or brings the dog back towards him. A blocking function stops the dog for a longer duration.

Reliability, Solidity, Security: Flexi, The Best Retractable Leash On The Market

The Flexi retractable leash is made in Germany with the highest quality standards. Each model undergoes numerous tests before being offered on the international market. The assembly and assembly are done by hand.

The leash cannot normally suffer any damage because it is always taken in hand and does not drag on the ground. However, if the leash should get wet due to bad weather, it is recommended to unroll the leash completely out of the box, activate the brake and allow it to dry thoroughly before rewinding. So the mechanism always remains intact.

The handle is not only ergonomic but also adjustable to the conditions of use, to the size of the hand. The handle can be adjusted to the dimensions of a child’s and an adult’s hand.

How To Properly Use The Flexi Retractable Leash?

For each outing with his dog, the leash must be engaged around the ring of the collar or the harness. The leash closure is quick. It is certainly the most reliable locking system. This is the best in terms of solidity.

During the walk, to stop the dog, press the brake

To keep the dog close to you, apply the permanent brake

Finally, to bring the dog towards you, release the brake and get closer to the dog

Flexi retractable leash, 2 types of retractable leashes

The Flexi retractable leash is either in the form of a cord or in the form of a strap. The difference is played on the solidity. For the cord, the estimated use weight for the dog must not exceed 20 kg.

There are as many retractable leashes for small dogs as for large sizes. For a long time these models have been shunned by owners of large dogs because of their prejudices about the strength of ribbons. The manufacturers have adapted their products to also allow use with large dogs.


There are lengths of tape that range from 3 to 10 meters, it’s up to you to choose your favorite length, often depending on the size of your animal and the use of its accessory. For example, someone looking for a large dog retractable leash will more easily turn to an 8 to 10 meter tape than 3 meters. Conversely, the masters looking for a retractable leash for small dogs will turn to models from 3 to 5 meters.

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