How to Choose the Right Dog Bed?

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed?

In case you are the owner of a pet dog you would realize that dogs generally are quite happy to lay their heads down on a multitude of places, throughout your house. This could also include your bed as well. However, it is important that your pet dog has its personal space for resting and napping at night. It is in line with this that you need the right dog bed for your pet dog. If you are to take a look you would find that there are numerous types and varieties of dog beds to choose from. At the same time not choosing the right one has its problems. These range from sore joints for not getting enough support, to sore muscles from being cramped up in a small space. Let us explore how to choose the right one:

Watch your dog sleep

How your dog sleeps at night or over long periods is what must be considered. In case your pet dog tends to sleep completely stretched out then you need a large dog bed. On the other hand, you would need smaller ones if it generally cuddles up while sleeping. There are large options regarding dog beds in terms of size, shapes, regulation of temperatures and so on. 

Measure your dog while it sleeps

The best way to decide on the size would be to measure your dog while it sleeps. You need to measure it from its nose to its tail. Besides in case you are opting for the ones that are of the better quality you also need to keep in mind that whether it has grown to its full size or whether it would grow further. So with the more expensive ones always you need to buy the ones keeping in mind both the present and the future.

Consider your dog’s personality

You must know that all dogs have their nature or personality. Based on the same they sleep in different positions. As already pointed out some like to be curled up while sleeping,while others like to be stretched out. Besides you also need to choose based on its nature of chewing. If it is generally prone to chewing everything it might also start chewing its bed. So you need the appropriate type, and consider the ones that are safer even if they are chewed upon.

All these factors need to be carefully explored before you make your decision. 


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