What You Need To Know Before Starting A Pet Photography Australia

What You Need To Know Before Starting A Pet Photography Australia

They are furry, have four cute paws and a tail! Yes, we are talking about our pets! Pets have been known to give company to their “hoomans” for centuries now. They form a vital part of one’s family and steal people’s hearts. Just like our hearts, it is important for them to occupy a position in the family portraits as well. The best way to do the same would be to hire a pet photography Australia! Here is all that you need to know about starting a pet photography business!

Pet photography business

Pet photography as a business will help you combine your love for animals with technical skills while ensuring that it is fun and profitable. According to a study, pets are a part of about a billion households around the world. In other words, 1 in 7.8 people have a pet! Over the last few years, there has been a growing number of people who love to display professional photos of their pets for which they are also willing to pay the photographer handsomely.

Equipment required

Generally, the equipment required for photography is expensive as there are multiple components to purchase. You must ensure that you have several digital cameras to ensure that you have back-up present during a session. You can also work on your inventory my having tripods, reflectors and a variety of lenses with flashes to help you get the best shots possible during a session.

Despite the fact that there is a wide range of natural background available, some of your clients may prefer indoor work for which you would certainly require a backdrop stand and material. It will always be useful to have some props on hand when a situation requires it. Most importantly, you will need some yummy treats and cute toys to grab the attention of the pet. As a person with a dog myself, the crinkling sound of a wrapper is all that is necessary to prick their ears and drag their focus on the camera. Also, you can use certain pre-recorded sounds to get their attention for which species-specific sounds would do the trick.

Experience and pricing

If you are a newbie, it would be useful for you to gain some background work experience with the help of classes to learn the basics. You must also know how to us lighting, flashes, angles and poses to bring out the best in your subject. You can try to understand the coat texture and facial experience of your subject to help enhance its features.

With regard to the pricing, most photographers charge on the basis of the number of sessions, the quality or the number of prints taken. You can offer packages based on your experience, location and the options used for the shoot. They start at a price of $350 and upwards based on the services used.

Animals are more or less like children and are difficult to photograph. You be flexible enough to go with the flow and take advantage of any unexpected moments. The whole process is a fun experience.

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