The Right Options for Affording a Dog

The Right Options for Affording a Dog

Before adopting a dog, you have to take into account several factors, is your home ready for the arrival of a pet? Do you have everything you need to cover its needs? Should you take it to the vet?

What to buy the dog

The first thing is to know that a dog is not a toy , as a living being it has needs that we will have to provide: food, water, a safe environment, the possibility of exercising and having normal behavior, etc. In addition to sanitary obligations, this article aims to guide you in acquiring everything you need to keep your dog in good condition. For affording your dog you will need the best options now.

Buy a dog feeder and drinker

Whatever your dog is, it is clear that it will need to eat and drink, so a must have a feeder and a drinker prepared. There are many different types of containers on the market, you will have to choose the one that best suits your pet in terms of size and height. If you have a puppy the size of the bowls has to be according to its current size.

  • Ideally, they should be two separate containers, one for each thing, because the frequency with which we change the water and the food is not the same and makes them easier to clean.
  • If you have more than one dog, it is preferable that each have its own feeder / drinker. As for material, plastic ones are cheaper but can be more easily broken and splintered into pieces that the animal could eat. A more durable option is ceramic or stainless steel, in addition these usually weigh more and prevent accidental tipping.
  • There are narrow and somewhat higher feeders to avoid spilling too much content, there are spiral feeders for dogs that eat too quickly and there are also height-adjustable feeders for those with cervical problems.
  • If you like to take long walks and take excursions with your pet, it is recommended that you bring a portable feeder / drinker, they are foldable and easy to transport.

Water bottle adapters can be very useful. It is a small drinker that fits into the mouth of the bottle, allows the dog to drink and then close the bottle again.

Buy dog ​​food

We already have the feeder but we need to fill it. Proper nutrition is an essential part of our dog’s health, especially if it is a growing puppy. It is important to choose a good diet that meets your needs, check with your vet about which is the most suitable food for your pet and the quantity and frequency with which you have to give it.

The most common and practical is feed based on feed, of which there is a lot of variety, although there may also be “home-made diets” that require more planning and preparation time so that the nutrients are balanced.


The water must always be available to the animal, if necessary several drinking troughs will be installed and it will be necessary to ensure that they are kept clean. Learn more about dogs and water with this guide.

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