How You Would Keep Your Cat Tree

How You Would Keep Your Cat Tree

You want to choose a cat tree but you are lost in front of the excessive number of products which are proposed to you? In this article, you will find all the answers you need in order to make your choice.

Balance of your tomcat

It is essential to have a cat tree at home, especially if you have no outside, such as a garden, to which your animal could have access.

Indeed, it allows your cat to let off steam, build muscles, have a refuge if he needs it, rest or even have an observation platform. In other words, the cat tree can be considered as the play area of ​​your tomcat or its exclusive territory in the small apartment.

You should know that cats evolve in a given space and that they need to monitor it and protect it from threats.

  • To watch it, cats like to get high. This height allows them to feel good and confident but also to have a view of all the people present on its territory. This structure can also help shy animals who can be stressed because they cannot visualize their entire environment.
  • Therefore, if your tomcat does not have access to the outdoors, such as a garden, and he also does not have a cat tree acting as a substitute, it may be depressed. He may then develop behavioral problems such as becoming messy or even aggressive.

Protecting your furniture

Obviously, in addition to behavioral problems, the second reason why it is necessary to acquire a cat tree, when you do not have an exterior, is to protect your furniture.

If you do not allow your cat to have its play area where it can make its claws and mark its territory , then it could be frustrated and want to let off steam on all of your interior and therefore on your furniture.

To prevent your cat from being unhappy or damaging your favorite wardrobe or sofa, we recommend that you purchase a cat tree.

The main criteria for choosing a cat tree

  • There are two models of structure: simple cat trees and those with floors.
  • It can sometimes seem difficult to choose an ideal cat tree. To do this, you must first examine your needs and those of your cats.
  • It depends on the number of cats you have, their age or the breed.

For example, we recommend a single cat tree for an elderly animal or a kitten. If your cat has difficulty moving, then prefer structures with small intervals between its elements.

  • For dynamic cats or large Maine Coon cats, we you recommend level trees.

We have made a selection of important criteria so that you know how to choose a quality cat tree:

Stability / Security:

The first and most important criterion to take into account is the stability of your tree. It is important that it is heavy enough, with a wide base or fixed to the wall, to avoid accidents. Cats like to climb, jump, play. So if your tree is not stable in the small apartment, it could tip over and injure your cat.


You will find in the trade cat trees of all sizes (from 30 cm to more than 3 meters). So how do you choose? Again, it depends on your cat’s needs.   A young, dynamic cat will prefer a very high tree on which it can climb and let off steam. Therefore, prefer a tree of at least one meter with platforms.

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