Have a plan to buy a French bulldog? Then read these important factors

Have a plan to buy a French bulldog? Then read these important factors

With their large bat ears, French bulldog, or Frenchie dog is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world. Frenchie is playful, alert, adaptable, and irresistible. They resemble a miniature English bulldog, but the erect ears guarantee its originality. The head is large, and square with deep wrinkles over the extremely short snout. Under a shiny, and smooth coat, the body is compact and muscular.

Smart and affectionate, they are short on words

French bulldog never barks too much. But, they can understand your reaction. They bark little, but their sense of alertness makes them excellent guard dogs. They easily adapt to live with single humans, married people, and entire families and do not require much exercise outdoors. They get along well with their kind colleagues, and love making new human friends. For these and other reasons, urban dwellers in various cities around the world choose one (or several) French bulldog as a companion. But, one thing you should remember of breeding the Frenchie from season to season. And, always choose the pure breed.

Nutrition: most important aspect

A premium feed suitable for the age group, and weight of the dog (puppy, adult, senior or light) has all the ingredients that the breed needs. French bulldogs have a tendency to put on weight, which can damage their physical structure, and increase the risk of contracting some diseases characteristic of the breed. Therefore, it is essential to control weight, and calorie consumption. And, always consult with a professional your veterinarian.

Care must be taken

If he is healthy, the French bulldog sheds little hair. A weekly brush removes those that have fallen, and leaves the dog looking as good as possible. In addition, brushing stimulates the birth of new hair, and distributes oiliness throughout the skin which contributes to the dog’s general health. The wrinkles on the animal’s face must be kept clean and dry. Nails need to be cut regularly. If they get too long they can cause pain in a French bulldog.

Training is a mandatory part

Early socialization and classes with professional coaches are recommended. Exposing the puppy to different people, places and situations helps to form a well-adjusted adult French bulldog. Training classes can serve as part of the socialization process. In addition to improving the animal’s behavior, it helps tutors to recognize and correct bad habits. With proper motivation, and a fun training process, using best French bulldog harness you can ensure the pet’s cooperation.

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