French bulldog general health care: Be a good owner

French bulldog general health care: Be a good owner

Everyone has characteristics from birth that can lead to certain diseases, not that it is a rule that the disease will affect us, but there is a greater risk. The same happens with animals and, in the case of the French bulldog, the most common are ocular, such as cataracts, eyelash deformations and entropy. However, do not worry. Following up with the vet and always being aware of the pet’s signs are effective ways to treat these little problems or even avoid them.

Hair brushing

The grooming and hair care of the merle French bulldog puppies are simple, just a brushing when you think it is necessary to keep the coat beautiful. Another advantage is that they do not usually shed or shed a lot of fur. During the process, remember to check for lesions, blemishes, or if the skin texture is different. If so, take the little one to a vet. Either way, it will make all the difference if you get your puppy used to the brushing process, regardless of breed, from an early age. 


Just like any other animal, the French bulldog also needs to be bathed frequently. In the case of this breed, once a month is enough, but if he gets dirtier on a special occasion, do not hesitate to sanitize him again. It is crucial that you choose special shampoos so that your pet keeps the natural oils in its skin and fur, and that you dry its folds very well to avoid bacterial infections.


You can clean your dog’s ears with a damp cloth and around it with a flexible plastic swab with cotton wool at the ends. Nevertheless, never go into the little one’s ear canal. Remember to choose mild, pH-balanced products for the region.

Teeth and nails

It is important that you brush your French bulldog’s teeth frequently to avoid tartar and bigger problems. Always choose soft brushes and pet-friendly toothpaste. If you notice a stronger odor or any signs of inflammation, look for a veterinarian.


Food plays a fundamental role in the development and health of any animal, which is why we, tutors, must always choose food for French Bulldogs consciously and carefully. Quality foods are able to keep the pet’s entire body in order, with healthy bones, teeth, coat and nails.


Each stage of a dog’s life requires special care, both in terms of nutrients and quantity of food. That is why it is very important to maintain a frequency in your pet’s veterinary appointments. After all, what is better than a specialist is to indicate the best food and the ideal daily portion in a personalized way for your best friend?

Before deciding to have a new member, such as the French bulldog puppy, it is important that you know that it will require a lot of attention, follow-up, mainly because it is living unprecedented moments and being in a new place. Always stay close to the little one to prevent him from climbing stairs alone or getting hurt with an item in your house. Get vaccines and worms as soon as possible from a vet.

Dale Garcia