Types of Dog Beds

Types of Dog Beds

What type of bed your dog has? Do you know, dog beds are available in different shapes, sizes, materials and types? Many dog owners still don’t know what type of dog bed they have. So to help all the dog owners out there, we are going to discuss about different types of dog beds. It can be easily classified on the basis of material used, shape and size. First, we are going to see the types of dog beds with different filling materials.

Types of dog beds on the basis of filling materials:

Dog beds are made up of different filling materials depending upon the durability and comfort of the dog. Here are a few types of filling materials.

  • Support foam: It is the most common type of filling material for bed. You can buy a support foam bed for normal comfort. It is meant for healthy dogs.
  • Memory foam: It is also known as orthopaedic memory foam. It is used for maximum comfort. If your dog has joint problems, the vet will recommend a memory foam bed for them. You will easily find orthopaedic memory foam dog beds on Hachiko for your dog.
  • Polyfiber: This material is like a bean bag filling. Your dog can easily mould into a poly fibre bed. It is not meant for body support, though.
  • Cedar: Cedar chips are added to bed materials for dogs. It helps to repel fleas. You can use this to avoid bad odour. It is not comfortable as cedar chips are hard.

Types of dog beds on the basis of filling shape:

Dog beds can also be classified on the basis of shape. There are a variety of shapes in which dog beds are made. You can choose the shape of the bed as per the comfort and size of your dog. There are many different shapes of dog beds available on https://www.hachiko.me/best-dog-beds/for-labs/.

  • Pillow shaped beds: It is in a pillow shape. If you have a small dog, you can get this bed.
  • Bagel/Donut beds: It is in a bagel or doughnut shape. Your dog can curl up inside the depressed centre and rest their head on the sides.
  • Orthopaedic beds: These beds are thicker and comfortable. You can use these for older dogs.
  • Sofa Beds: It is like a small sofa. It is for dogs who like to rest on the sofa. Your dog can rest comfortably on a sofa bed. It is very stylish and fashionable too.
  • Burrowing beds: Your dog can easily crawl into this bed. It is for dogs who like dark and warm beds.
  • Cot style beds: If your dog mostly stays outdoors, you can choose this bed. It is made like a cot. Your dog can simply rest on the elevated bed.


These are some different types of dog beds on the basis of material and shape. You know your dog best. So you can easily know what type of bed they will prefer. And on their next birthday, you can gift them a brand new bed. You can easily order a new bed online from Hachiko. There are various types of beds available for every dog.


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