Dogs and its habits of eating food

Dogs and its habits of eating food

Almost all the puppies enter the home at the age of 8 to 17 weeks. Maintaining the diet at particular time is more important to prevent stomach upsets. Online pet store there are many owners who tell they feed their dog twice or thrice. We need to increase the diet from days to weeks on increments based. The amount t of food we give is counted using measure. Quality kibble is the perfect food designed for puppies. These have all the nutrients required for the growth of the puppies.

We can also add meat and other uncooked veggies into it to make it more special, at last balanced kibble is the main diet given to puppies. We should not give raw food to puppies, they can’t digest it as they are so small and also they can’t digest for not having a better immunity and also they are under development they should be treated like our small babies.

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If you feed more food then it will be tough for them to manage high quantities of food. As puppies require a lot of nutrition rich diet, they can’t wait during hunger, as the only requirement’s we give is its food. There are several foods for puppies in pet post online store, they are designed and manufactured in such a way to cope the needs of the puppies. Puppies at 16 Th week time, we should start raw meat because they will built capability in digesting it.

The reason is permanent teeth start to develop during this time only, so this will be helpful in grinding the food. If puppy is eating food in hurry then don’t feel in a wrong way, they feel possessive for foods if any children walking around puppy during eating try to keep them away, the puppies feel insecure while having food.

You should start hand feed for your puppy in order to prevent the growl attack on you which us a bad behaviour. If you are planning to start a new food then try to observe your puppy as much as you can in order to check their illness and allergies to foods.

As the same way like humans dogs are also allergic to few your dog becomes older just like our babies we can decrease the food intervals. Don’t over or under feed the dog, always try to maintain a balance.

The reaction depends on the type of food you feed them. The pet post which one of the leading online store for puppies has given many ideas and advises for growing them, it also introduced new product’s and food items in order to get the dogs and puppies grow better. There are several flavours for dogs along with it either vegetable are added in few foods or chicken, meat may be added.

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