Cat Lodging vs. Cat Sitters: Which Option Is Best For Your Feline?

Cat Lodging vs. Cat Sitters: Which Option Is Best For Your Feline?

Many people hire a trusted friend or family member to watch their feline. This allows the cat to maintain their routine, which is vital for shy cats and those with medical conditions that require monitoring.

However, for some, a change in environment can be traumatic. Consider these alternatives to determine which type of care is best for your cat.

Cat Hotel

Cats like routine and may be more stressed in a new place than at home. Cat hotels allow your cat to stay in a familiar environment and keep their regular schedule, which can help them feel more at ease when you are away.

Many cat hotels are upscale feline resorts that offer plenty of space for your cat to roam, explore, and relax. Your cat will be given a spacious condo with plush bedding, shelves, a cat tree, and a window perch. They’ll also get lots of love and attention from the staff.

These specialized care facilities are often more expensive than cat sitters but can be less stressful for your pet. And if you have a very special kitty who requires daily medication or has special dietary needs, it’s crucial to find a facility that can handle them properly. That’s why it’s good to look into local cat hotels near you ahead of time to see their options for your feline friend.


Cat lodging is a professional, professionally run facility that gives your feline companion a comfortable place to stay while you’re away. Most people who run catteries are cat lovers and do their best to make the cats feel at home while they’re there.

This can be comforting for some pet owners concerned about their cat being alone for too long and being subject to the boredom, stress, and anxiety that can result from this. Cats who don’t receive attention, stimulation, and affection can often become bored or distressed when left unattended for too long, leading to inappropriate behavior.

Make sure you choose a cat lodging to accommodate your feline’s needs, such as prescription food, medications, or dietary restrictions. Also, ask the cattery if they have any trial stays available so your cat can get used to the facility and all the new sights, sounds, and smells before you’re gone for a more extended period.

In-Home Care

Cats are much more self-sufficient than people think, but they crave attention and love. A housesitter familiar with your cat’s routine can provide the care they need while you are away, including checking on their food and water, cleaning litter boxes, administering medication as needed, and providing enrichment through playtime and snuggles.

These businesses are often attached to veterinary clinics, so your cats can access immediate veterinary care if necessary. Some also offer special features for cats, like full-height sneeze barriers and security corridors.

Compared to a cat hotel or cattery, arranging in-home care with a pet sitter can be more affordable and convenient. It can also be a kinder experience for your cat because they stay in their home territory and are less likely to be unnerved or stressed by the unfamiliar environment. Ensure your sitter has all the contact information for you, your veterinarian, and any emergency clinics your feline may need to visit.

House Sitting

For some cats, especially those not used to being away from home, boarding facilities can be highly stressful. Leaving them in a new environment can trigger anxiety, aggression, and other health concerns.

Housesitters offer a much more personal and reassuring experience for pets and their guardians. They can visit your cat daily to feed them, clean the litter box, and provide enrichment through playtime and snuggles. They can also collect your mail and water your plants.

Because of the more personal nature of these sitters, you must find a trustworthy and responsible housesitter. Doing a chat (or video call) with a potential sitter is recommended before hitting that all-important ‘confirm’ button on a platform. This helps ensure that your sitter understands what you expect of them and their previous experience with pets, ensuring a smooth handover. For this reason, many platforms now include a chat feature and the option to schedule a meeting before the meeting.

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