Cat breeding

Cat breeding

Every pet owner wants to offer his little animal all the love and all the attention they need. But there comes a period when the owner want to breed his animal. Some wants to keep the babies and others want to sell them in order to earn some money.

Cat breeding is not a difficult task and won’t take a long of time and preparations. Cats are sexually mature at the age of 5-12 months, but there are cases when some cats are reaching it at 4 months. It is indicated that the cat shouldn’t mate in her first year of life because she won’t develop as much as usual. First of all you have to watch for the cat behavior. A female cat which won’t breed would cause a lot of trouble. It would want to escape from the house in order to breed, it would meow loudly and would even try to stay in front of you, considering you a male. A male would pee more in order to mark his territory if it would sense a female on heat.

The cat enters on it’s period in each 2-3 weeks. If you want to breed your cat you must be sure that the cat health is not a problem. Bring it to the vet to be sure that it has no problems. If it has health issues you should treat them, as long as breeding would be dangerous and it is also dangerous for it’s health.

After you are sure that your cat is healthy, and you found a male/female for it you should proceed to the next step. Bring them together and watch their behavior. If one of them is aggressive you should separate them or it would be dangerous. You can put them in two different rooms until they are used to the smell of the other. After that try again to put them together. If you see that they are friendly wait for the moment. The female cat behavior is represented also by her position. It would keep it’s head down, the inferior part of the back raised and her tail raised and on a lateral part of the body. The male will breed the cat from behind, biting the female head in order to cooperate. This gesture stimulates the female to produce ovulation.

 One mate should be enough for the cat to be pregnant with babies.

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