Cat Flap Training: Tips To Train Your Cat To Use The Cat Flap

Cat Flap Training: Tips To Train Your Cat To Use The Cat Flap

If you think your work is done after installing a cat flap, then you are wrong. The difficult part comes after the installation that is training your cat to use it.

Most cats can be successfully trained to use a cat door. But some cats may be scared to use it as they are new to it. But no worries, because we have got your back. In this post, we will give you some effective tips that will help you to train your cat the right way.

Coming to cat flap installation, many of you can handle it your own. But if you think you need help, then you can call for a cat flap fitter to help you out.

How to train your cat to use a cat flap?

Here are some useful tips that may help you train your cat.

  1. Entice them with tasty treats

You want to make your cat do anything, keep treats ready. They love treats and would do almost anything to get them. Using cat treats would be the best way to encourage them to use the cat flap. Place the treats on the opposite side of the flap and tempt them to come through it. Make your cat do this daily and eventually, it will get it.

  1. Add your cat’s scent

This may sound a bit odd to you, but this is a great way to train your cat to use the cat flap. The new cat flap is alien to your cat. By adding their scent you can make it a familiar object to them. In case, your cat is scared to use the new door, they will not be scared anymore once they smell their scent on it.

With these tips, you can easily train even a stubborn cat. Once they get used to using a cat flap, they won’t be scared to use it anymore even when you install a new one. However, you need to be patient when training them because for some cats it may take extra time.

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