Camping With Dogs: What Is To Know Before Your Outdoor Adventure

Camping With Dogs: What Is To Know Before Your Outdoor Adventure

Camping is one of the best ways to spend a carefree weekend with your dog. Camping can be a lot of fun, but there are many things to consider before setting out on your next excursion.

An excellent place to start is getting your dog into shape for camping. Dogs that haven’t had any rigorous exercise in a while might not be prepared for the physical activity camping with dogs. If you plan on hiking, make sure you get your pet up to speed on the activity before heading out into the wilderness. It’s also a good idea to make sure your dog gets plenty of water and rest for at least two weeks before the trip; this will ensure that your pet doesn’t suffer from dehydration or heat stroke during its time outdoors.

Find a good campsite for camping with dogs?

When looking for a campsite, consider the ground for your dog to sleep on at night. Sleep on hard ground can be very uncomfortable for your dog, so you should look for a site with a soft area to lie down. You can also invest in a doggy sleeping bag and portable kennel if you and your pet are likely to spend long periods outdoors.

When going camping, it’s crucial to have everything you’ll need for yourself and your dog in the great outdoors, so make sure to bring:

  • A dog first aid kit
  • Plenty of bio-degradable poo bags
  • Some home comforts for your dog – their bed and favourite toy
  • A ground stake for when you need to put your tent up and eat
  • Some extra food in case you’re delayed in getting back home.
  • Some blankets and jumpers if it’s chilly at night
  • Your dog’s favourite chews keep them busy when you’re relaxing at the campsite.

Where to go camping with dogs

When you go camping with your dog, you must take him for a walk after he has eaten to get rid of any excess salt and water in his system. Taking your dog for a walk is one of the best ways to keep him happy and healthy whilst camping with you.

Wherever you decide to go camping with your dog, make sure that the campground is well maintained and has plenty of shade. The more shade, the better to keep your pet calm when it starts to become hot. If it starts to get too warm, make sure you’ll have a shady place nearby where your dog can rest or sleep off the sun.

How can I keep my dog happy while camping?

If you’ve ever travelled anywhere with your dog, you’ll know that they can get very homesick if they’re away from their dog bed. To keep your pet happy and calm whilst camping, pack some chew toys and their favourite blanket to help them feel settled in the surroundings. Remember that travelling can be stressful for any pet, so try to keep your pup as calm as possible by driving through the night instead of stopping at a different hotel.


Camping can be fun, but it’s also essential to keep your dog happy and safe. Before heading off in your tent, make sure that your dog is in good health and ready for physical exertion. If you’re not sure how active they should be, then get advice from your vet beforehand to avoid any unnecessary discomfort or illness.

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