When to Start Training for Your Puppy?

When to Start Training for Your Puppy?

Everyone loves to have a puppy at home, but one of the challenges which every owner comes across is proper handling. Almost every puppy owner thinks of getting their dog trained away completely. This would rather make the puppy behave they desire. Puppy training is something that is considered to be essential. However, it is even essential that the young dog enjoys their freedom till they attain their 4 to 6 months. It is not any delay in the training procedure.

Once your puppy is 4 to 6 months old, your little one is all set, to begin with, their formal training. It is considered to be the best time for the young ones to get trained and learn a lot. Generally, the training starts with around ten minutes’ work in a day which gradually goes up. It is even seen that the puppies lose their focus in no time. Hence, they can’t handle even an hour of training.

Things You Would Want To Get Your Puppy Trained Of:


The most important skill which a puppy is trained is to heel. First of all, a puppy is trained in carrying a collar and be comfortable with the leash. So, once the puppy gets acquainted with the things, he is trained to heel. In the initial stage, he might not be able to get you exactly, but with time he will understand.


To teach a puppy to sit is considered to be a vital skill and an important part of the training. For this, you need to have a small piece of treat in your hand. Bring it near to the puppy’s nose and then move it over his head a bit backward. Now gently press him down to make him sit with the rear in your hand. Now, repeating the same mechanism over and over again makes them acquainted with and then gradually, even they start sitting.

A thing that has always done any training to be more effective is rewarding. So, once he starts following your instruction, make sure your reward his with good food treats and saying him a good dog. It makes sense to them too.

One can even make use of the number of puppy preschool, which helps them even to socialize with many others of the same age. Rather it is great space considered where the puppies are perfectly trained.

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