Awesome Car Accessories For the Dog Lover

Awesome Car Accessories For the Dog Lover

Are you planning on hitting the road with your furry friend for life? There are so many things you’ll need to prepare for before that day comes!

It isn’t just about getting a calming pet bed from Pet Swag (or other stores!) and comfortable space for your dog in the car. There are also other things to prepare for, along with accessories that will make amazing long-term investments that make the trip memorable.

Here’s a rundown of 4 car accessories all dog owners will appreciate.

  1. Dog car seat covers

 When on a long road trip, you can’t control how your dog moves around. They can go potty when nature calls, accidentally spill water on seats or shed a lot. This can cause a mess on car seats that will be difficult to clean after the trip.

That’s why dog car seat covers are a vital car accessory for dog owners, opting for a waterproof one. Your car seats underneath will remain clean, while you can throw the car seat cover in the wash once ready. Stay comfortable as you drive and focus on the wheel rather than worry about your dog making a ton of mess on those seats.

  1. Travel water bowl

Dogs need food and water throughout the road trip, especially water to stay hydrated during hot summer days. Travel water bowls are collapsible and easy to set up.

Simply pop it open, pour water from your bottle, and let your dog drink up! Afterward, collapse the bowl again and slide it into a seat pocket or glove compartment to use again later on.

  1. Dog seat belt

Your dog should ride in a car wearing a seat belt, just like how you and your family would. There are dog seat belts that attach to a dog’s harness, buckling them so they stay in one place.

These seat belts will protect your dog when braking or in case of accidents. Furthermore, this accessory will keep your dog in the back seat rather than have them run around the car or jump in front of the driver’s seat. I highly recommend this to keep everyone in the car safe, including your pet.

  1. Dog first aid kit

The dog first aid kit is similar to the typical first aid kits for us humans. However, there are key items to add for your pet if you choose to make one yourself, which are:

  • A list of phone numbers for emergency veterinarians and animal poison control
  • Blanket and cold pack for the weather
  • Exam gloves to wear when handling an injured or sick dog
  • Gauze and antiseptic to treat cuts or injuries
  • Tweezers to remove any splinters, spurs, ticks, and other dirt or debris stuck in your dog’s paws or fur
  • Any medication or vitamins your dog needs

Whether you’re on a long road trip or just heading to the local dog park, consider getting these for your car for your dog’s comfort and convenience. Have fun on your next road trip!

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