What to Do If Your Dog Is Digging in the Trash

What to Do If Your Dog Is Digging in the Trash

If your dog is digging in the garbage, it might be upsetting and worrying. The following actions can be taken to cease this behavior:

Limit Access: Make sure your dog can’t get to the garbage. To prevent your dog from entering the garbage can, you may store it in a room that your dog cannot enter or use a trash can with a locking lid or a heavy item on top.

Teach your dog that rummaging through the trash is not acceptable. Every time your dog misbehaves, firmly correct them by saying “no” or “leave it” and directing their focus towards a toy or a treat. Make sure the instruction is followed consistently by every member of the family.

Ensure Adequate Stimulation:

Ensure that your dog has sufficient mental and physical stimulation. Dogs often act destructively because they are bored or aren’t getting enough exercise. To keep your dog occupied, go for walks, play games, and give those toys and puzzles.

Use positive reinforcement:

When your dog behaves well or chooses to ignore the garbage, compliment and treat them.

Consider Deterrents:

You could want to use a spray or other tool that creates an unpleasant odor, taste, or sound as a deterrent.

Make sure your dog is not consuming anything toxic from the garbage by keeping an eye on their behavior. Consult with your veterinarian right away if you have any symptoms of disease or pain.

Additionally, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to stop your dog from displaying undesired behaviors. Try to stop kids from digging in the garbage in the first place rather than merely responding when they do. For instance, feeding your dog before you leave the house can prevent them from being hungry and enticed to look for food in the garbage.

Being persistent and patient are two crucial things to keep in mind while attempting to discourage your dog from digging in the trash. Dogs learn best via repetition and positive reinforcement, so it’s crucial to maintain your composure and follow a reliable training schedule. Being persistent and patient during the training process is vital since it could take time for your dog to understand that digging in the trash is unacceptable.


It takes time, persistence, and a mix of preventative measures, training, and positive reinforcement methods to stop your dog from digging in the trash. With commitment and patience, Brain Training For Dogs Review teach your pet to avoid garbage and keep its home tidy and safe.

Clare Louise