Understand the Process of Humane Euthanasia to Be Mentally Prepared

Understand the Process of Humane Euthanasia to Be Mentally Prepared

Euthanasia is a process where a pet’s life is taken painlessly and peacefully. The process is taken into consideration only after a pet is suffering from an incurable disease or injury and natural death may take a long time which can be even more painful for the pet. Saying goodbye to a pet, who has been like a family for years, is pretty hard. The euthanasia process is an emotional and shocking journey for every pet owner and their families.

Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC is a holistic veterinary that provides traditional methods to treat existing symptoms in the pet and they also provide in home euthanasia. If you ever think of a euthanasia method they will help with all paperwork for an easy and timeless process. They also provide methods like therapies, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, that provide your pet relief from pain and reduces side effects of medicines.

Process of Home Euthanasia

Before Euthanasia

Since you’ve got the signal from the vet, it is time for the family to decide. Many important decisions are to be taken, how to bid farewell, who will be present during euthanasia, etc. You can suggest to your vet if you want euthanasia to commence at home or the clinic. If you fear your kids might get traumatized, then the clinic is always the best option.

Before starting the process, the vet clinic will have you sign the consent form. You can also talk to them about the after-care of euthanasia, which includes cremation, or burial. Also, you can take care of the bill in advance so that you have time to handle after-care services.

During Euthanasia

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In case of dogs and cats, intravenous injection is used that contains pentobarbital. It stops the heart immediately only if it is injected into the veins. However, if it is injected into the body cavity it might take some time to show effect. The vet will also give anesthesia or a sedative so that your pet is relaxed and calm during the euthanasia process. The process doesn’t take much time if injected into veins the pet will have a cardiac arrest and a peaceful death within 30 seconds.

After Euthanasia

The vet will listen to the dog’s heart to confirm its death. This will be an emotional time which of course the staff understands so they will leave you with your pet for some time alone in the room to grief and cry. If they are supposed to cremate the body, the staff will take over and you may proceed with the remaining.

When the animal is severely sick or injured, then it is the veterinarian’s task to analyze the seriousness of the problem. Their task is to understand what they can do to help the patient. With different tests and lab repairs, they can decide how the problem will be affecting the animal’s quality of life. When the vet understands that the dog quality of life will be poor, then they suggest humane euthanasia.

The process might sound simple, but the mental torture that the pet parents go through is unimaginable. It is difficult to see your family member passing away in front of your own eyes.

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