How to train your dog to walk: the most useful tips

How to train your dog to walk: the most useful tips

When a four-legged friend appears in your house, he must be taught to walk. This is a very important and at the same time challenging mission that almost anyone can handle. How to teach a dog to go to the toilet not in the apartment, but only on the street? Enter such a thing as “mode”. Read on to know about train your dog to walk

At the same time, feed the animal and take it out for walks, this will teach it to order. The pet will know that at a certain time he will be taken out for a walk and will learn to endure. In addition, any training or development of a useful habit is accompanied by reward. For every “effective” walk the dog needs to be encouraged.

A controversial issue – to punish a pet for a toilet at home? It is strictly forbidden, not all animals understand why they were punished, trying to accustom them. Apart from fear, this does not lead to anything good. Here you need to be patient, do not raise your voice, follow the schedule and everything will work out.

Simple tips to help train your dog to walk

  1. Walking schedule. 

The more often you walk your dog, the more likely it is that it will learn to endure and relieve itself on the street, and not at home on the rug. You can not break the walking schedule, because this knocks down the internal mechanisms of the pet. Puppies need to be walked more often than adult dogs because, physiologically, they have a smaller bladder that fills quickly. It is strictly forbidden to swear, and even more so to spank a dog, if it has not endured a walk.

  1. Feeding schedule. 

An adult dog can be fed twice a day, in the morning and evening. Half an hour after eating, you can go for a walk. After accustoming your animal to regular meals at the same time, accustom him to walking. Small puppies are fed three times a day and walk more often.

  1. Be considerate of your pet. 

If the animal is looking closely at the floor, tucking its tail and paving in order to relieve itself, quickly go for a walk with it. The dog should constantly go to the toilet only on the street, this will develop in her the habit that the toilet is where the street is. First, you will have to walk more often than on schedule. Train your dog to walk and command. For example, when going for a walk, say the command “walk”.

  1. Take care of a place where the animal will pee. 

You shouldn’t take your dog around the area to different places every time. Such animals are very attached to their habits, so it is better to drive to the same place. After all, it is also difficult to teach a person to a potty or a toilet when he is still a child, but you have been taught, draw conclusions. When walking, take a bag with you, when the dog relieves in the wrong place, you need to remove it after it.

  1. A puppy is like a child, do not leave him alone for a long time. 

If the animal is left at home, then most likely, he will do his work on the floor. The more often this happens, the more difficult it is to teach. The pet should go to the toilet only on the street, not knowing other places in order to relieve itself.

  1. Sometimes you can’t do without a cage. 

If you do not have time to be constantly with the dog, you need to be absent, and at night, the animal is placed in a cage with a soft bedding. Leaving your pet to walk around the apartment at night is likely to mark the floor. Do not leave her in a cage for a long time, this is not a punishment. In addition, a long stay in an enclosed space will leave no choice, and the dog can relieve himself in the house without waiting for a walk.

How to teach to endure before walking?

There are some nuances that need to be considered when teaching a dog to tolerate at home and to the toilet on the street. First of all, encourage her for good behavior, be kind and affectionate with her, animals feel cared for. As soon as the dog relieves itself under a bush, pat it on the head, give something tasty. They understand the carrot language well, without using the stick.

What if the dog has already gone to the floor? 

Only good detergents will help here, with which you need to wash the “crime scene” in order to remove the smell and accustom you to the street. If the dog does not smell its scent, it will not go back to the floor, making it clear that this is not its territory. They react badly to punishment, except for fear and anger, it does not develop any behavioral reactions in them, so there is no need to scold the dog.

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