How do you transport a dog over a long distance ?

How do you transport a dog over a long distance ?

Transporting long distances makes your dog much more stressed than you, as pets are not much keen to frequent travel. In this situation, to assure your dog’s safe and cosy journey you should plan for the haul in advance.

In this article I will discuss several dog shipping modes and some tips to follow for a smooth transfer procedure.

By ground transportation

Among all the transportation ways ground shipping is the most safest and convenient way to transport your dog. Most of the pet shipping agencies prefer ground transportation for domestic travel for dogs. They provide door to door services with an affordable price.

Some tips for smooth ground transportation of your dog:

  1. If you are driving yourself, then try to keep your dog in it’s crate in the back seat of your car. Make sure the crate is properly harnessed with the car seat belt. So that it won’t slide during motion.
  2. Arrange a road permit and other relevant endorsements for dog transportation across and outside the country.
  3. Meet your vet before planning to move. Gather an updated health certification and vaccination records that is not older than 10 days from travel schedule.
  4. Do not ship your dog unrestrained to a back¬† open pickup truck. Or, never let your dog stick it’s head outside of a moving vehicle.
  5. Make sure that your dog is accompanied by trained attendants while transporting it by any pet shipping company.
  6. Don’t leave your pet alone in the locked vehicle with windows closed. It can cause discomfort in the extreme weather of summer or winter.
  7. Make your dog eat wet foods rather than drinking water frequently. It will make the dog feel good as well as satisfy it tummy grumbles too.

By air transportation

Airline transport is the fastest way to ship your dog domestically and internationally. Millions of dogs get transferred from one place to another through airlines every year. And the airline’s personnels effort their best to ensure your dog’s hassle free journey in the shortest possible time. The International Airlines Transportation Association (IATA) has regulated some specific rules and restrictions to transport your dog via airlines. You as well as your hired professional pet shipper must follow those terms and policies while planning for a trip with your dog.

Some important tips for an air transport:

  1. Arrange an airline specified dog carrier that should be suitable for shipping your dog in the cargo holds. Crate should be open from three sides and as large as your dog’s size.
  2. Ask the certain airline if there are any dog health and immunization requirements to fulfill.
  3. Try to choose a direct flight. Changing fights frequently may exhaust your dog.
  4. If it is possible, try to travel on the same airline as your dog. So that you can look after your dog in case of any emergency.
  5. Don’t transport your brachycephalic breeds like Bulldogs, Pekingese dogs or Boxers in the cargo holds as pushed noses can have breathing problems because of the high altitude pressures.
  6. Feed your dog at least 5 to 6 hours before boarding to the cargo holds. Overfed dogs may feel uncomfortable due to motion sickness.
  7. Make all the vaccinations done before planning to travel long distances. This process should be done at least 25 days before the trip schedule.
  8. Don’t forget to hydrate your dog from time to time. Instead of liquid water, keep some ice cubes in the attached food bowl of its carrier.
  9. Try not to transport your dog during summer or holiways as those time airlines have very hectic schedules. So there is a chance of rough handling of your dog that causes health issues to it.

By ship transportation

Besides ground and air transport you can transport your dog via ship too. Some professional pet transporters ship dogs through a few special cruise lines. They have their own pet shipping policies. If you are willing to transport your dog by ship then research in advance and notify that certain cruise liner about your plan.

By train transportation

According to HSUS’s Train Act (H.R 674) pets can be transported by some selective railway services. Some small railroad pet travel companies are allowed to transport dogs on the train. The good part is that you can keep your dog with you in a private cabin and it is your responsibility to take care of your pet.

Hope, these guidelines will ease the stress of long distance moving of both you and your dog.

Clare Louise

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