Do you know Taylor Swift’s cats? One of them is third richest pet in the world

Do you know Taylor Swift’s cats? One of them is third richest pet in the world

Taylor Swift has shown on many occasions the great love she has for her pets, her three kittens Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin Button, who are very important members of her family. The 29-year-old singer has a very special affection for the kittens, to such an extent that, whenever she can, she takes them with her. In addition, he usually updates his social networks with all kinds of cat cuteness in which the three cats are the protagonists. Get to know a little more about Taylor swift cats, we present them to you.

The firstborn

Perhaps because she has a feline beauty herself, Taylor has always had a thing for cats, even since she was little! Therefore, as soon as he could, he expanded his family with his furry friends. The first to arrive was Meredith Gray, who was adopted and named after one of the characters from the television series Grey’s Anatomy, one of the singer’s favorites.

Olivia was the second to arrive

After a while, Taylor Swift decided to adopt another kitten, whom she baptized with the name of Olivia Benson again due to another television character, in this case, one of the protagonists of the series.

A movie name

The third member of the Swift family is called Benjamin Button and his story is very sweet. Taylor was recording the video for the song ‘me’ when he heard meow, a kitten. She asked where it was and the moment it was given to her,. She asked for its adoption to give him a home full of love and happiness.

They know the stars

The cute kitties are already used to fame. After all, their mommy is one of the greatest singers on the planet. Still, they love meeting other celebrities. “I try to give them a normal education, but when you meet Paula Abdul on the way to the red carpet … we had to take a picture!”

Of course, they are trademark

The interpreter of ‘you need to calm down’ registered the names of Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin with the purpose of using them in items that she has for sale through her website. The image of the three kittens can be seen on clothing, watches, bags, toys, jewelry, decoration, furniture, and mobile accessories.

They are movie stars

The furry ones have also made their debut on the big screen. Meredith and Olivia ‘appear’ in the Ryan Reynolds movie Dead pool two, when Wade Wilson’s character wears a T-shirt with a photo of the two felines and the caption: “Meredith & Olivia Best friends forever.” The singer thanked her friend for including her kittens in the scene. The kittens have also been the protagonists of some commercials and were part of the Blank Space video clip. Benjamin made his first steps in the video for ‘Me’.

A very special award

In the last edition of the Teen Choice Awards, Taylor Swift won the special Icon Award for her artistic career. The singer received a surfboard with the images of Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin. She expressed – “They are my furry children”.

Dale Garcia