7 Signs to Bring Your Pet to an Emergency Vet in Singapore

Our pets are members of the family. We should treat them with the same care we give our children or other family members. They are far less likely to show their distress than the humans they love. Hence, we must be proactive and know what to look for in pet crises that demand rapid assistance. Here are seven signs to bring your beloved pet to an emergency vet in Singapore.

#1 Traumas & Wounds

The most evident situations are apparent wounds or stressful experiences that injure your pet. Bring your pet to a vet clinic if you find a cut bleeding for more than five minutes.

Moreover, I immediately brought my pet to an emergency vet clinic in Singapore when they underwent a traumatic event, like an animal assault or a vehicular accident. Internal bleeding, concussion, shattered bones, and other issues can lurk beneath the surface, even if they appear in good health.

#2 Breathing Problems

I found a few significant health concerns a pet can suffer from if they have trouble breathing. Uncontrollable coughing is another problem to note. It is best to immediately bring your pet to a veterinarian at an animal clinic in Singapore for an assessment.

#3 Vomiting or Diarrhoea

There are a few hazards in typical households, like industrial chemicals, home cleansers, antifreeze, and even chocolate. These are harmful to their health. My dog exhibited a few indications of gastrointestinal distress after ingesting some chocolate, like excessive vomiting or diarrhoea, when I took them to an emergency vet clinic in Singapore.

#4 Refusal to Eat or Drink

Every pet enjoys eating, and my pets are living proof of it. Hence, if your pet stops eating and drinking or severely restricts its typical food intake, there are serious concerns you must address immediately. Immediately bring them to the nearest animal clinic in your Singapore neighbourhood for an assessment.

#5 Visible Pain

The exhibition of visible pain means your pet is suffering from severe issues. I learned from my pets that they are hardwired to mask discomfort to survive. Hence, they could be in serious trouble if they exhibit obvious pain symptoms. A visit to a reputable animal clinic in Singapore might be beneficial.

#6 Increase in Body Temperature

Pets can also suffer from high fever. It can cause severe challenges or death in some situations. The veterinarian of my pets told me to immediately bring them to their emergency vet clinic in Singapore if their temperature exceeds 103°F for immediate assistance. An increase in body temperature can sometimes lead to unusual changes, such as dog pee green, which may indicate a potential health issue requiring immediate attention

#7 Problems Eliminating Bodily Wastes

The refusal of any pet to urinate or defecate for more than 12 hours may signal a significant obstruction in their system. My dog required surgical intervention to correct the issue when it happened. Getting an assessment at a reputable animal clinic in Singapore is critical if they exhibit visible pain, especially when peeing or defecating.

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