When can puppies go to doggy daycare?

When can puppies go to doggy daycare?

If you have a dog, you know he is a social animal. And he craves both your attention and other animals’ attention. Still, without proper handling, this can turn into unwanted behavior. This is why we recommend you consider the advantages of dog daycare services. It will help your furry friend socialize and follow the best behavior guidelines. If you’re interested in when puppies can go to doggy daycare, this article is for you! You can learn everything you need to know below!

Do you really need dog daycare?

Well, dog daycare is a powerful tool for dog training granger in. Taking a young dog to daycare comes with numerous benefits. But the most important aspect of dog daycare is your dog’s opportunity to socialize with fellow dogs. If you’re away during the day, your dog can experience separation anxiety at home. Luckily, with dog daycare services, you can overcome this issue and keep your pup happy.

The advantages of dog daycare include:

  • Dog socialization
  • Safety
  • Exercise routines to prevent obesity
  • Management of separation anxiety

What’s the best age to take a pup to a dog daycare?

A pup can start attending a dog daycare service as soon as he reached 12 weeks of age. Remember that your dog is eligible for dog daycare only if he is vaccinated. It is best to wait around two weeks after the date of their initial vaccination before taking your dog to daycare.

How to choose a puppy daycare?

Every homeowner is concerned about the quality of dog daycare services. Luckily, there are some tips you can use to choose what’s best for your four-legged friend.

  • The dog daycare facility must be clean and well lit;
  • It should allow you to take a tour before enrolling your dog;
  • It should have an adequate number of personnel members;
  • It should have a vast outdoor area surrounded by a fence;
  • It should have designated rooms for puppies, small dogs, and large dogs.

Also, it is highly recommended to ask questions about dog daycare. The provider can offer valuable insights on how your dog will spend his day in the facility. Moreover, it is a good idea to tell the staff about your dog’s behavior issues. It will help them guide your pup through the process of socializing with other dogs.

The bottom line

Dog daycare is an excellent choice for every homeowner. It puts the basis of a healthy relationship between you and your pet. And the best part about it is that you won’t have to worry about your dog’s safety while you’re away. A dog daycare facility is well-equipped and has professional staff to watch over your furry friend during the day.

Clare Louise