What supplies do you need when you are taking care of reptiles?

What supplies do you need when you are taking care of reptiles?

There are many species of snakes and lizards around the world. There are certain elements that these creatures like to be healthy and happy. When they are outside of their habitat, they will depend on you to give them things they need to survive every day. It is the same with humans, they earn to have a secured habitat where they are comfortable. These are the reptile supplies & accessories you need to keep them at home.


Reptiles are solar-powered which means their life is governed by light. Lizards that are active during the day need a lamp to produce vitamin D3. In reptiles, they need to have vitamin D3 because it gives them warmth like the ultraviolet light. But when they take too much vitamin it can be toxic. It is why you need to give them the right type of light. Most of them have to be a 12-hour cycle where they need to have 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness.

Heating pads

Good quality heating pads are important. Those reptiles that are in the desert keep them warm and maintain their body temperature. When you are giving them a source of heat it will keep your lizard or snake to feel at home. Any device that you have in the habitat has to be waterproof, give heat, and puncture-resistant. The pads also need controls that you can adjust the heat depending on their needs.


A thermometer comes along with the lighting. Every reptile needs heat but not too much because it can be harmful. When you have a thermometer in their habitat it will help you to track to know whether it is too hot or cold. In the habitation of your reptile, it needs to have two thermometers. One is under the lamp and the second thermometer has to be further away from the lamp to keep the temperature. You can keep the other side warmer so they can have a spot to cool down.


In every living creature, the lizard feces are nasty and needs to be clean regularly. And because the lizards are found mostly in the desert, rocks, and sand, you can make them a habitat that looks like it. But since the cages need to be clean regularly, you can change the sand for few times per week.

Structure and shade

And because reptile regulates their body temperature by going from sunny to cool areas. They need to have a certain hide away from the light. You can give them structures to give them a small entertainment by disguising them as logs or rocks. Before placing a natural wood or driftwood it needs to have special care.


Reptiles and lizards are spending their time under the sun and looking for food. Lizards like to climb and look for a certain place to hide. You can buy them special ladders, artificial rocks, and hammocks to keep them entertained. Every reptile creature needs to exercise at some point. Giving them certain places to look and places to climb to keep them happy and healthy.

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