Untangling Matted Dog Hair: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Untangling Matted Dog Hair: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide


Did you know that the most common problem dog owners face is matted hair? Well, this can happen due to numerous reasons. Your dog’s breed, daily habits, or diet can have a say on how his fur looks. Before you get your hopes down and feel like you can do nothing, you should know that there are some advanced untangling tips for matted dog hair. Our dog grooming services experts share their secrets below. Read on to uncover a complete step-by-step guide to untangling matted dog hair.

Untangling matted dog hair: the basics

The first thing we need to discuss is that untangling can turn out to be the most challenging task in your life. And this is worse if your dog isn’t accustomed to standing still. Besides, sensitive dogs or those prone to allergies will most likely be doubtful about the process. If you don’t manage to untangle matted dog hair at home, your best chance is with dog grooming services. 

Here are some steps you can take at home to manage your dog’s fur and untangle it. 

#1 Use the right tools

The obvious first step is to use the right tools. Mats and tangles are challenging to overcome. So, the right equipment can do wonders! Use a dematting tool, a slick brush, and a mat splitting tool. You can buy these items at any pet shop.

#2 Use dog-friendly washing products

Nowadays, you can find shampoos and detangling products for dogs. Make sure you use adequate products that won’t cause irritation or any skin problems. If you know your dog is sensitive, you should discuss with his veterinarian about the best approach.

#3 Start with the mats and tangles

You need to start by brushing your dog with a slick brush. This will help you identify the mats and tangles. We recommend you check the ears, the neck, and the belly. These are common areas where your dog’s hair can get matted and tangled.

#4 Use a detangler

To start the untangling process, you need to apply a detangler on your dog’s fur. Make sure you rub it into the coat so that it passes the problem area.

#5 Wash your dog

After you remove as much as possible of the tangles, you can move on to bathing your dog. Our expert advice is to remove all the tangles before the bath. Not doing so will do more harm than good.

#6 Consider preventing these problems

Sometimes it is best for your dog to prevent fur problems. And you can do that with regular fur maintenance at home. Also, you can always consider regular appointments with a dog grooming services expert. 

The bottom line

This is our simple and complete guide to taking care of your dog’s fur. Untangling matted dog hair is a challenging task. But brushing and washing your dog regularly can help you prevent this situation. We recommend you discuss with a dog groomer about your four-legged friend’s fur and needs. 

Dale Garcia