Truest Choices for the Perfect Solutions in African Cichlids

Truest Choices for the Perfect Solutions in African Cichlids

Above a large fine mesh landing net placed on the surface of the aquarium, the female is delicately placed so that her mouth is between the thumb and forefinger, upside down. Be careful to press very gently of course.

By leaving the female from time to time, always upside down and pressing very gently from each corner of the mouth, the young will fall into the landing net.

The Right Choices

Attention, we insist on the fact that it is a very delicate operation and which also requires a little patience, because sometimes the female does not want to release her young. Do not insist too long, even if the female has not spit all her cubs, it does not matter, leave her so as not to overwork her and stress her out.

The downside to this method, as you may have understood, is that it is quite enough for our poor female. But this remains the best way to recover the young and prevent the female from being disputed afterwards by the other occupants of the aquarium. But for the record, we never had a concern with the mother’s death or trauma following this method; the females do other incubation and other spitting, so no trauma.

  • African Cichlids being vegetarians with an omnivorous tendency, they need a food rich in algae without too much protein.
  • We alternate food for our kids to diversify their diet and that food attracts them more.
  • We alternate three types of food in order to provide them with all the necessary foods for a good complete nutritional intake and avoid deficiencies.
  • Without forgetting one day of fasting per week in order to let them assimilate the food of the week.

The granules

  • Simply the boxes of granules for Malawi cichlids that you could find in pet stores. They are specially designed for their nutritional needs.

Remember to grind them a little so that everyone can find their account, otherwise you risk always seeing the same leave with a large granule in the mouth, and also if you want, soak them for a few minutes in a little d to soften them for easier ingestion.

Artemia or krill

Frozen artemia or even better krill also found in pet stores, are small insects. It is ideal for their omnivorous need. No bloodworms (red worms); far too rich in protein and can cause disease.

“Homemade” food

Good homemade food prepared by us and which gives them everything they love and what they need; mixture of spinach, peas, spirulina, seafood (mussels, shrimps, squid), white fish and garlic. (Garlic helps to avoid parasites in transit). The whole is mixed (quickly to avoid as much as possible that it thaws so as not to break the cold chain) then frozen (in plates or in ice cube trays) in order to be stored and used easily.

Be careful not to feed your fish too much , this would give them diseases in addition to polluting your aquarium and raising the level of nitrites.


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