Tips On How To Doggy Proof Your Home

Tips On How To Doggy Proof Your Home

Puppies are energetic adventurers who are too young to understand what they shouldn’t get into. As a responsible pet parent you must ensure that your home is safe and secure for your dog even when you’re not around.

Human Food

It doesn’t take much time for dogs to figure out where all the treats are hidden. Human foods, particularly those that are extremely poisonous to dogs, and even dog food, should be stored away safely to avoid messes, bingeing, and harmful ingestion when you’re not there to observe.


Just as food in the kitchen can be an issue for dogs , so can plants in the garden. There are a multiple plants that can harm your dogs. Pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers as well as snail and slug bait can also create problems for your dog. Your first line of protection is to keep these things away safely and out of sight.


Dogs have great sense of smell, so they tend to be drawn toward something that smells like you. Shoes, slippers, and clothes can easily become their  toys unless you secure those things behind a closed cupboard door. Keep your clothes in the closet, store your shoes out of their sight, and put your laundry in out of reach as well. Place other small edible objects, like jewelry, hair clips, and coins, in containers or drawers. A lot of dogs like to lay down under the bed or wedge themselves, so set up temporary blockades to keep your dog from hiding where they shouldn’t be.

Trash Can

Smells coming from a trash bin can also be very enticing for puppies and adult dogs. Spoiled food, discarded dangerous products and sharp objects are just some of the hazardous things that can be found inside a house bin, so it’s vital to keep your bins out of sight of your dog.

Electronic Items

Remote controls, electronic toys, and any other battery-containing equipment should be hidden and kept out of reach. Not only can small parts be chewed and swallowed, but the swallowed battery is even more dangerous because it can cause soft tissue burns inside your pet’s esophagus. 

These tips will help you keep your furry friend safe, so that the two of you can be together for years to come.

Infographic provided by pet sitters Chicago company, Majestic Paws

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