Say no to Cone of Shame. Put your pets in surgical suits instead

Say no to Cone of Shame. Put your pets in surgical suits instead

It can be difficult to be a cat or dog owner. This is especially true after a painful surgery that leaves you with the cone of shame. It is impossible to eat, drink, or sleep, and it can even be dangerous to walk around the house. The dog cone can be embarrassing for your pet. Today’s surgical recovery suits are designed to make pets feel at ease after an operation and protect their wounds. However, we bring you the top brands in pet surgical suits.

Kuoser antimicrobial, waterproof surgical suit

The Kuoser dog surgical suits will make it easy for your pet to recover from surgery. State of the art, and veterinarian-designed, this suit has won the trust of pet owners. The suit simply slips on and off your pet. The outfit also helps keep dog diapers in place. Perhaps your dog prefers blue to pink. The blue design of this recovery suit will protect your pet’s health and safety, just like all the other options. Kuoser has a patent pending for the four-way stretch fabric, which makes a high quality outfit. We are confident that your pet will prefer the surgical suit. The Kuoser dog surgical suit has everything you need for your pet. We hope that you will not use this recovery suit to care for your stuffed animals. It can also keep your pet warm during healing.

Vet good protective recovery pet suit

The Vet Good recovery suit is made for dogs. It protects wounds from infection. The Vet Good suit has two separate pieces that have internal pockets. This outfit can prevent your dog from biting and scratching wounds. These can be used to store ice packs or absorb pads. If your pet needs to be infusion or drain, there is an opening in the suit. The turtleneck protects the neck from wandering fingers. The Vet Good Protective Recovery Pet Suit comes in a variety of sizes.

Suitical recovery suit for dogs

The most loved surgical recovery suit for pets is Suitical. This version protects your pet from heat and reduces any stains in your home. The cotton fabric can be worn in all seasons thanks to its breathability and comfort. The snug fit keeps your pet’s healing process on the run. The suit is a lot more attractive than the cone of shame. This surgical suit is great for both real cats and dogs. This suit can be fastened even if your dog/cat has to use the litter box.

Dale Garcia