Can You Keep A Bearded Dragon As A Pet?

Can You Keep A Bearded Dragon As A Pet?

Bearded dragons are lizards of a decent size. Their native habitats include deserts, subtropical regions, and savannas in Australia. They are mostly omnivores, however, they will eat a variety of plants and insects in the region they inhabit. In a human-controlled environment, they are calm, nonaggressive, and willing to be handled. As with most pets, their happiness and health are dependent on meeting certain environmental and housing needs. We’ll go over all you need to know about raising your first bearded dragon here. You can learn more on

They Have A Calm And Peaceful Atmosphere

As pets, bearded dragons make excellent companions because they’re typically calm and kind creatures. As they become older, they tend to become more docile and less prone to impulsive behaviour. In contrast to other pet reptiles, beardies prefer socializing with their handlers. Taking your bearded dragon out of its terrarium to explore your house is OK as long as it is well monitored. Outside walks are possible with the proper leash.


Because no two bearded dragons are the same, they make excellent pets. In addition to its distinct patterns and colours, each dragon has a distinct personality and character. You’ll observe people’s interactions and quickly discover that they’re all unique; some may be sluggish while others are exuberant. As they become older, bearded dragons tend to become more docile, but it’s still fun to observe each one have its unique personality.


Bearded dragons are excellent pets for youngsters and people who are always on the go. They need to be cared for in the correct surroundings. As long as your UVB and temperature settings are perfect, these critters are a breeze to take care of. Providing them with the necessary feed, ensuring they’re hydrated, and keeping their vivarium clean is all they need to thrive.

Bearded Dragons Can Show Emotion

Unlike cats and dogs, bearded dragons do express shows of affection for their owners, even if they aren’t as obvious as those animals. Many people are astonished to learn that bearded dragons make excellent pets because they mistakenly believe that reptiles lack the ability to be kind and affectionate (which is just not true). When beardies are brought out of their terrariums, it is usual for them to snuggle up to their owners’ necks or chests. Some dogs will sleep with their owners for hours at a time while they are cuddled up together.

Bearded Dragons Are Well Behaved

The moniker “bearded dragon” indicates otherwise, yet these creatures are gentle and friendly, and can even be trained to do tricks. Because of this, they don’t have to be kept in cages all the time. Like a dog or a cat, they may be cuddled and adored. They are more docile than most other reptiles. Despite their placid demeanor, they’re known to communicate with their owners by running their limbs up and down the glass of their tanks or glaring at you when they’re hungry.

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