9 Hacks From Experts To Help You Remove Pet Odor At Home

9 Hacks From Experts To Help You Remove Pet Odor At Home

Take it from the top property managers, Columbia, Missouri, pet odor can be eliminated. Just because you own a dog or a cat does not mean your house has to smell like a pet shop. It can still be pristine while being pet-friendly. Here are ways to keep your home smelling fresh.

Constant sweeping and mopping

If you want to keep your floors odor-free, property managers, Columbia, Missouri suggest that you frequently sweep and mop your hard floors. This keeps animal fur from forming into dust. Sweeping also makes sure that whatever dust or debris that has settled on the floor can get swept up into the pan first before disinfecting is done. It prevents stains and mud on the floor which can be rather smelly and sticky over time.

Vacuum a lot

Did you know that hair and animal fur can turn quickly into dust? These dust particles can get into your lungs and cause allergies. They can also be the cause of pet odor. If you don’t want your home smelling a bit like your beloved’s kitty pee, vacuum regularly. Vacuum more than once a day if you have to.

Steam clean

If you have carpets and rugs in your home, steam clean. Sofas can be vacuumed, shampooed once in a while, dried and then steam cleaned. Perform this religiously and no one would even know there are cats or dogs roaming the inside of your home.

Wash linens

Regular washing and changing of all your linens will also prevent your home from absorbing too much pet odor. You should do this with full commitment especially if you have people in the home suffering from asthma. This regular deep cleaning prevents your home from smelling dirty.

Clean your pet’s bed

The cover of most pet beds can be removed so you can wash them in the machine regularly. This keeps your pet’s bed smelling fresh, despite possible fur clinging on the inside. What you want to watch out for is the stain. Hopefully, the core of the pet bed is not stained. If the core can be washed too, then you can do so and replace it temporarily while it’s drying. You can also use stain repellant solutions to avoid staining the core when you buy it.


Ventilate your home. Fresh air needs to come in if you want to prevent odors. Your pets are not the only ones causing odors. Whenever you eat or cook, you also put odors into your home. If you want your home to smell clean, let it breathe. Open the windows and use the fan. Clean the air conditioning unit’s filter while you’re at it.

Scan for filters to clean

Done with your air conditioning filter? Check all the filters in your home. Your rangehood will have one. Most likely, if you have air purifiers in your home, the filters will need occasional changing as well. Changing and cleaning filters not only prevent odors in your home. It also helps improve the performance of your appliances.

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