8 Tips to Keep Dogs and Cats Comfortable During Winters:

8 Tips to Keep Dogs and Cats Comfortable During Winters:

In winter, humans are most concerned about their health and do everything possible to keep themselves secure from the cold. The same consideration is required for pets like dogs and cats, as they only have their skin to defend themselves during winter. Some indications that your pets are too cold are barking, unwillingness to walk, trembling, shivering, etc. If you cannot afford to take maintenance of your pets, you can leave them in dog rescue teams. There are more than 10 dog rescues in Bangalore to take care of your pet well. Here you can see some of the best tips to keep your beloved pets in good health during winter:

Keep your pet indoors:

Cats and dogs should be inside during cold climates. If your dog is outside in winter, it is advised to stay out for shorter periods and be closely observed. Doctors recommend that kittens, puppies, and short-haired dogs be kept inside for extended periods when the temperature falls below 10 degrees. If not, this situation is painful to the pets and can harm their overall health. Hence, you should reduce the duration of your pets playing outside in winter.

Be cautious of hypothermia:

Both cats and dogs can suffer from hypothermia disease when temperatures fall. The aftereffects of hypothermia can be severe, including life-altering problems such as heart problems, neurological problems, kidney failure, and even death, so it is crucial you know the symptoms and how to bypass them.

If they start showing common symptoms like strong uncontrollable trembling, weak, decreased heart rate, dilated pupils, difficulty breathing, the body being cold to the touch, inner eyelids and gums being pale or blue. Suppose you feel your pet may have hypothermia. At that point, you must follow these steps: Remove your pet from the cold surroundings immediately, put them in the warmest room in your house, cover the pet in dry blankets, occasionally check your pet’s temperature if it goes below 35°c, carry them to a vet immediately.

Make your pet visible:

Winter always means lower visibility from fog and mist, long nights, or even snowstorms. This lower visibility means you must take safeguards to secure your pet is visible both for you, drivers, and other walkers. You can make your pet more visual: Buy a reflective coat and stick reflective items and lights to their collar.

Inspect their paws:

Dogs can collect winter salts in their paws while stepping outside during winter. These winter salts can also annoy your dog’s paws and induce chemical burns. If consumed, the same winter salts can cause gastrointestinal problems and mouth burns in pets. It is why paw care is too critical regarding the winter care of both cats and dogs. After every walk outside during winter, you should clean your pet’s feet thoroughly. Even better, consider using dog shoes that protect your dog’s feet from frostbite and winter salts.

Avoid overfeeding:

Energy levels for your dogs may reduce over the colder months as time spent chasing a ball outside in the snow is a less possible activity. They won’t need as many calories if you reduce exercise time, so you must watch their diet levels closely.

Groom them regularly:

Grooming your pets is an essential thing that you should already do periodically, but it becomes even more required to take care of their fur and skin during winter. A good brushing session can help remove anything stuck. If you take your dog outside to play, you need to clean or bathe them and dry them when you bring them inside the home.

Change the drinking water:

Dogs feel less thirsty in winter, and the water in their drinking bowl turns cold very shortly, and they don’t feel like consuming it. It is advisable to refill the old water with new, room-temperature water every 2-3 hours.

Arrange warm and cozy bedding:

It is best to keep your cat and dog from sleeping away from the cold floor during winter. The prolonged touch with the cold floor can make them ill. Beddings and accommodations for pets come in various forms and sizes. Set the bedding in a warm spot, preferably where they sleep every day, so they don’t feel strange.

Final thoughts:

Dogs inclined to arthritis might have a tough time during the winter months. It is, therefore, essential for you to pay extra concentration to their exercise routines. Confer your veterinarian doctor for health supplements and other medication if your pet undergoes joint pain! If you can follow the shared tips, your pets will relish their winters and also will be able to stay in good health too. Also, if you are looking for breeders, you can find information about various dog breeders in Bangalore online.

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