6 Rare and Super Cute Animals You Have Never Seen

6 Rare and Super Cute Animals You Have Never Seen


The population of our Mother Earth is approximately 7 billion. Imagine only humans. Wow! That sounds incredible, right? But have you ever wondered how many different animals live on our planet? 

We’ve started a journey to find some information about the most exotic creatures and animals. The library was the most obvious choice in getting know-how about these lesser-known animals.  All these creatures and animals are breathing along with us on this Earth.

Let us browse through some details and information to have an insight into these cute and exotic animals.

Serval Cat

This cat is found in Africa and has the longest legs as compared to its body size. These cats can accomplish a maximum speed of up to 50 mph. Like the Fennec Fox, its ears helps in precise hearing. These are known to spend a substantial amount of time with their eyes shut while chasing, to readily hear their prey. They are capable of producing several sounds like other cats in the form of meowing, grunting, chirping, and hissing. 


Wallaby is native to New Guinea, and Australia, with minimal populations, found in New Zealand. They belong to the same family as the kangaroos, but they differ in size. A wallaby is relatively smaller than the kangaroo. There are 11 different species of wallabies. These creatures feed on various kinds of vegetables, foliage, and grass. These wallabies are found nearby the watering holes during the dry season. 

Fennec Fox

These fennec foxes are generally found in the Northern Africa and Saharan locations. The fennec fox is Algeria’s national animal. These animals have big ears. As a result of this, they are easily noticeable, and which helps them to stay cool during the hot days. Similar to other foxes, these animals love traveling in groups. They also have a resemblance to small species of dogs in the world. Large ears help them to hunt their foods easily, even when they are hiding underground. 

Sugar Glider 

Their name has a lot of similarities to what they look like in actual life. These animals prefer sugary foods, and they can glide through the air like a flying squirrel. Gliding helps in the movement of these animals. These gliding not only helps them from escaping from the predators but also to find food. The Sugar Gliders are mostly found in parts of Australia and New Guinea. 

Patagonian Mara

Patagonian Mara looks exactly like a rabbit, technically they belong to the rodent family. As their name goes by, these animals are found in Argentina. These animals practice monogamy, but sometimes they breed in groups of up to 29 pairs. Their partners are monogamous until a partner expires. Then the remaining partner can find a different partner. They differentiate from each other through designated territories either by partners or by themselves.  

Margay Cat

The Margay Cat is visible in Mexico and Southern America. These cats are part of the “Ocelots” family because of their similarities in looks; sometimes the Margay Cat is known as “tree Ocelots” because of their excellent climbing capabilities. For this ability, these cats like to spend their time on trees, rather than on the ground. A Margay Cat can jump as high as 12 feet into the air. These animals are fond of the night-time.

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