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There is more than one way to save a life! Here at BDBH, there are many opportunities to volunteer your services. If you enjoy paws-on involvement, become a foster parent! Take a BDBH dog into your home on a temporary basis until he or she finds a forever home! If you're more paws-off, become a transport volunteer, home-checker, fundraiser, or event volunteer. There are many opportunities to get involved in saving a dog's life...find one that fits your lifestyle!

Foster Homes Needed

As a foster parent, not only are you providing a dog with a stable home environment during their stay at BDBH, you are helping save a life! Thousands of dogs are dumped into shelters each year. While we can't save them all, each dog in a foster home is a dog out of the shelter, and ultimately, a life saved from euthanasia. Many of our dogs here at BDBH have never had a warm bed to sleep in, a full food and water dish, or a family to call their own. As a foster care provider, you will be able to start teaching your dog the basic skills that will help them find a forever home! BDBH provides all veterinary care, donated food when available, and any advice you may need to help your foster dog get adjusted. We ask that you participate in meet-and-greets to give your foster dog exposure to possible forever families. Foster care is one of the most rewarding parts of volunteering for BDBH, so if you live in the Rochester and Buffalo Niagara region, and are interested in fostering, please fill out the application or contact our foster coordinator at

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Homevisit Volunteers Needed

A very important step in the adoption process at BDBH is conducting home visits. We need volunteers who would be willing to visit the homes of potential adopters to ensure a good match with the needs of our dogs! We conduct home visits in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Connecticut. Home visit volunteers also have the opportunity to learn about the potential "forever family", aiding in the decision of whether the potential home meets the needs of our beloved rescue dogs. Activity level, yard size, living quarters, and child behavior are just a few things we like to observe; this is a crucial step in making sure our BDBH "kids" stay in their new homes forever! If you would be interested in becoming a home-visit volunteer, please contact! 

Transport Volunteers Needed

If taking a leisurely drive is up your alley, and you'd like to help some pretty special dogs, consider becoming a transport volunteer for BDBH! We need volunteers who are willing to drive dogs to and from veterinary appointments, get them to their foster homes, and even help newly rescued dogs from down south get up to their new foster homes. When transporting dogs from the South, we try to find people to do 1 hour legs, so no one is doing a lot of unnecessary travel! Transport volunteers make it possible for us to provide our BDBH dogs with the best care possible, and get them out of the heart-breaking situations that some of them come from. If you'd be willing to be a BDBH transport volunteer, please contact

We are in dire need of more foster homes…every additional foster home is a life saved!! Please click on the link below to print out a copy of our foster care volunteer flyer and post it around town!*

Fundraising Support
As a volunteer organization that is funded entirely by donations, BDBH could not survive without the generosity of our donors. We feel that it is our duty to help those who cannot help themselves, and when there is a dog in need, we do everything in our power to come through for them! We have undertaken some severely diseased and injured dogs, and turned them around to become happy, healthy members of a proud new family. From mange, to systemic disease (parvo, liver failure), to severe birth defects and joint disease...there is rarely a condition we aren't willing to take on. These treatments are costly, but can you put a price on an innocent creature's life? We don't think so! Please consider making a donation to BDBH...your money goes directly to the costs that are helping save or improve the quality of a dog's life.  Have fundraising ideas, let us hear them, contact

Event Support
BDBH is very proud to be a rescue group in such high regard that we are invited to help promote many community events. We have participated in the "Denny's Dog Days of Summer", and the Wayne County Humane Society's open house. We are also joining the Ontario County Historial Society at their Village Fair! Not only is it an excellent opportunity for BDBH to reach out to new groups of people to let them know what we're all about, but we can also give back to the community that has been so generous to us! Please keep an eye out for us at local events! Want to help out at events, contact for information