As a foster parent, not only are you providing a dog with a stable home environment during their stay at BDBH, you are helping save a life! Thousands of dogs are dumped into shelters each year. While we can't save them all, each dog in a foster home is a dog out of the shelter, and ultimately, a life saved from euthanasia. Many of our dogs here at BDBH have never had a warm bed to sleep in, a full food and water dish, or a family to call their own. As a foster care provider, you will be able to start teaching your dog the basic skills that will help them find a forever home! BDBH provides all veterinary care, donated food when available, and any advice you may need to help your foster dog get adjusted. We ask that you participate in meet-and-greets to give your foster dog exposure to possible forever families. Foster care is one of the most rewarding parts of volunteering for BDBH, so if you live in the Rochester and Buffalo Niagara region, and are interested in fostering, please fill out the application or contact our foster coordinator at

Big Dogs Big Hearts has evaluated these dogs and would like to commit to, however we do not currently have a foster home available. If you would be interested in fostering any of these dogs please contact our foster coordinator

While BDBH does its best to accurately label a rescue dog's breed(s), BDBH cannot guarantee its accuracy.